Kingdom Commodities Unlimited, LLC (KCU) is committed to the pursuit of operational and structural excellence. We do this by delivering safe, reliable fiscal operations, and maintaining strong business controls. We believe that by optimizing the value of resources through disciplined processes, we generate the most benefit for our resource suppliers, esteemed customers and the global society.

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what we do

We follow international standards for the petroleum industry in every aspect of what we do. To help meet the world’s growing fuel needs, KCU is currently involved in the financing, marketing and the sale of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Our high quality standards, integrity and vision to seek excellence in conducting business enable continuous improvement in each of these sectors.


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Welcome !

On behalf of our team around the world. We’re glad you found us.


To be one of the world’s leading commodity trading and energy development companies.


To empower economies on a local and global scale through resource access and equitable distribution.


Our values are to bring a sustainable long-term benefit to all stakeholders by approaching all of our projects with true commitment and the integrity required to succeed.